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The Return

After six months I walk into a familiar environment. The smell and lighting bring me back to a time not long ago. As I look around I remember what to do. Grab heavy weights and lift. It’s not rocket science. This is familiar. After all I am one of the founding members of the CK Meatheads, a group of skydivers that are in good shape. This is a label that I wear with pride.

Despite the familiarity there is still hesitation. Why am I reluctant? What is really on the line?

Within the last six months I have broken my neck, undergone surgery, rehabilitated and have been cleared to resume normal life activities. The doctor advised that it might take up to a year to regain 100% of my strength. If it doesn’t return within a year then that is the deficit I am left with. When I walked out of the hospital I was confident. Maybe it will take a normal person a year, not me. Six months max.

Returning to the real question, “What is really on the line?” Ego, pride and identity, that is what is on the line. What if I can’t get my strength back? Am I still going to be welcome in the CK Meathead club? Where is my sense of value going to come from?

When you identify as something and it is threatened it leaves you in a state of vulnerability. In life you wear labels. Maybe it’s your profession. Maybe it’s your passion, but it’s still a part of your identity. What happens when you can no longer wear that label as a badge of honor?

The surgeon’s hands now shake as a result of the aging process. The commercial pilot hits his industries upper age limit. The police officer hangs up his badge and gun for the last time. The stock market crashes and the broker is left with a pink slip. Devastation hits and your floored. Anyone would be overwhelmed when facing the same circumstances. But you’re not just anyone.

When you’re grounded you derive your value from various areas of life. One pillar of your identity collapses but you don’t crumble. You have other aspects to your life that hold you up.

In addition to living a fit lifestyle, you’re intelligent, kind, compassionate, generous, fill in the blank. You identify as a whole person. Your value doesn’t hinge on one aspect.

So tell me something… What are you most proud of in your life and what have you been neglecting for too long? Name some goals and aspirations you have that you don’t want to put off any longer. Lastly, what is holding you back?

Have you been;

Neglecting fitness because you’re too tired at the end of the day?

Ignoring family because work is demanding?

Disregarding your spiritual life because there are too many distractions?

Abandoning values because your bottom line is nowhere in sight?

Avoiding an important conversation since you don’t want to offend someone?

Evading your boss because a deadline has been blown?

The whole person concept involves identifying the things that are most important to you. Take some time. Write it out. Envision your ideal self in a year. What does that person look like? Can you recognize him or her in the mirror? In life, everything changes. Nothing stays the same. You are the only one that has the power to change your course. Identify what has been working and what hasn’t. Out of the goals on your list which one is calling out to you?

NOW, ask yourself what is one small step that you can take today towards progress. Identify a step you can take tomorrow. Write it out for a week. Then write it out for the month. Be determined to take at least one step everyday toward your goal. When you have taken enough steps you will find yourself at your destination.

Remember you have the strength and determination to accomplish great things. Challenge yourself. Get outside of your comfort zone. Commit and before you know it the finish line will be in sight. You deserve better. You are better. You got this!!! GO and do great things!!!

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